Relax Into The Chaos T-Shirts are Eco-Friendly

Oct 23, 2020

Relax Into The Chaos T-Shirts are Eco-Friendly


What does Finn know about eco-friendly clothing brands? Apparently, not a whole lot since he never wears clothes!

But Finn does know a thing or two about Relax Into The Chaos, a small but growing company that makes eco-friendly clothing brands in south western Connecticut. Finn is the clothes-less skeleton that serves as the company’s mascot and is pictured on a few of the T-shirts the company produces.

According to Relax Into The Chaos co-founder Pat Mulski, Finn exemplifies the company’s motto that life is full of chaos, and the sooner we all accept that reality and learn to live it, the better off everyone will be.

One of the reasons Mulski started making eco-friendly clothing brands at Relax Into The Chaos was his frustration at paying exorbitant prices for organic apparel. So, he trademarked the term “Relax Into The Chaos” and made it his mission to make organic T-shirts that are reasonably priced. The result is T-shirts that are extremely comfortable, look great, and cost between $25 and $30.

The company is currently producing a Signature Series line of T-shirts in a total of 9 short sleeve and long sleeve designs. The Signature Series shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. There’s also an Elite Series of T-shirts in 3 short sleeve designs that are made from a mix of 70% organic viscose bamboo and 30% organic cotton.

relax into the chaos organic t-shirt - you be you and relax


The dyes used on the shirt designs are a water-based ink that is infused into the fabric, meaning there are no plastic-based components in the shirts. Finn is pictured in three of the shirt designs in ominous situations. But in true Relax Into The Chaos fashion, he is holding a cocktail glass as he is about to go over a waterfall in one design, and about to be buried by a huge wave while surfing in the other.

The images reflect Mulski’s larger view that very few things go as planned, so relax and make the best of every situation, regardless of the circumstances.

Mulski says the company’s eco-friendly approach also extends to other areas at Relax Into The Chaos. All bags, boxes and packing materials that are used are made from 100% recycled material, as are the cards and stickers used by the company.

Mulski has also made a commitment to a handful of charities and nonprofits that will receive a 5% donation of all retail sales earned from the company’s eco-friendly clothing brands. The charities cover a range of environmental, humanitarian, and health and animal-related causes.

Finn encourages you to take a break from the chaos in your life and order a T-shirt or hat from Relax Into The Chaos today. Visit to make a purchase.


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