Making Comfortable and Affordable Clothes Made From Organic Cotton

Nov 14, 2020

If you’ve never worn clothes made from organic cotton, here’s a suggestion: Try on a T-shirt made from certified organic cotton and see what real comfort feels like.

Clothes made from organic cotton are not only more comfortable than clothing made from conventional cotton, but clothes made from organic cotton require less water to grow, less energy to make, and produce fewer carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

Comfort — and the smaller carbon footprint that is left on the environment — are two of the reasons Relax Into The Chaos co-founder Pat Mulski decided to start producing clothes made from organic cotton. Relax Into The Chaos is currently manufacturing long-sleeve T-shirts, short-sleeve T-shirts, and hats. If sales of the high quality T-shirts and hats go well, Mulski says sweatshirts may soon follow.

Mulski’s Relax Into The Chaos is a fresh face in the organic textile industry. The Connecticut-based company is committed to making ethical fashion from all-natural materials, selling the clothing at reasonable prices, and being a responsible steward of the environment in the process.

Producing clothes that are made from organic cotton is one way to help the environment and be more environmentally friendly. According to the Textile Exchange, a nonprofit organization committed to the responsible expansion of textile sustainability, fashion brands made from organic cotton don’t harm the soil where it’s grown because no toxic chemicals are used to control weeds, and they use 91% less water and 62% less energy to manufacture than conventional cotton.

Farming organic cotton is also safer because farmers, their families, and the men and women they employ aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals. Statistics compiled by The Textile Exchange shows that the growing of conventional cotton uses 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of the world’s pesticides.

It is estimated by The Textile Exchange that by 2025 — that’s just four years from now — two-thirds of the world’s population may face a water shortage. Because conventional cotton is often grown in areas that have scarce water supplies, it’s concerning that one conventional cotton T-shirt could require as many as 2,700 liters (that’s 713 U.S. gallons) of water to produce. Organic cotton, by comparison, is 80% rain-fed which significantly reduces pressure on local water sources.

Have we mentioned why clothes made from organic cotton feel good when a person wears it (especially if it’s made by us)? Organic cotton clothing is typically more comfortable to wear because there are more soft natural fibers in organic cotton, and the cotton has not been treated with chemicals. Organic cotton can also be weaved thinner than conventional cotton, making it more durable and comfortable.

Discover for yourself why an organic cotton T-shirt from Relax Into The Chaos is more comfortable to wear. Go to and buy one today. Buy it now! We think you’ll like the way our T-shirts feel, and you’ll like the way you look.

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