Impact our Earth; Buy Green to Help!

Mar 03, 2021

Seeking out environmentally friendly clothing won’t stop pollution today, but the long lasting ripple effects it can have will help our planet dramatically. Using organic materials, Relax Into The Chaos always strives to make the most eco-friendly clothing we can.

The planet matters to us, and we hope it matters to you as well. Knowing the differences between your average T-shirt and a 100% organic cotton T-shirt might produce a better future for other generations.

100% cotton clothing is an excellent environmentally friendly clothing choice and has been in use for hundreds of years to create clothing. This material is made with the natural fibres of cotton plants, making it a sustainable product and better for the environment to manufacture. Cotton is highly versatile and is both strong and flexible, making it ideal for making shirts, cardigans, jumpers and any other item of clothing you can think of. It is also extremely soft, so it is a natural choice for those who have sensitive skin.

The benefits of using 100% cotton fabrics go beyond the environmental factors, as they are suitable for all sorts of conditions. When you use this type of fabric, you’re choosing a product that is highly versatile and practical, meaning it is ideal for children and adults, in your home or on the go. The fabric is extremely easy to care for and can be washed in the washing machine without any damage or to the product.

Just how does environmentally friendly clothing help to combat the issues we see daily with wastefulness in our society? Let’s put this into perspective; the average T-shirt needs 2,700 liters of water to be made, which is roughly equivalent to the amount of water someone will drink over 900 days. Using this to create your run-of-the-mill shirt isn’t worth it, and anyone can see that. Fast fashion is one of the biggest perpetrators of this, which is why we try to avoid their methods.

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing environmentally friendly clothing from Relax Into The Chaos is that it is much cheaper than most other brands of organic apparel. Ethically made clothing companies (like the ones used for the production of our shirts and hats) often use raw materials which are obtained from within small communities where they grow, meaning that the workers are not subject to poor wages, and they are not subjected to exploitative labor practices. In turn, these same eco-friendly companies ensure that they purchase their cotton from ethical farmers who are not forced to work on forced labor farms.

Relax Into The Chaos does its best to provide environmentally friendly clothing because we believe it’s the right thing to do. We can all take small steps to reduce or eliminate our carbon footprint, and major industrial companies should do the same.

For more information on how to support sustainable fashion, visit us online or reach us by phone at 203-903-2200. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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