Interesting Business Concept: Affordable AND Ethical Clothing?

Oct 09, 2020

Relax Into The Chaos Practices Interesting Business Concept


What does the term affordable ethical clothing mean? Well, at Relax Into the Chaos, it means producing competitively priced apparel that has the smallest impact on humanity.

Does affordable ethical clothing sound like a complicated concept? It doesn’t to Pat Mulski, co-founder of the fledgling clothing apparel company based in south western Connecticut.

Relax Into The Chaos is a fresh face in the organic clothing industry and is committed to making organic cotton T-shirts from all-natural materials and selling them at a reasonable price. But Mulski also says his business needs to be more than just a retailer of organic cotton T-shirts and hats. His company needs to be cognizant of the environmental and societal footprint it creates.

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In Mulski’s mind, his business needs to answer a simple question. If the business goals and visions of Relax Into The Chaos are not leading the world to a better place, then continuing to make apparel is simply not worth the effort, no matter how much personal gain Mulski may realize.

Mulski defines himself as a considerate capitalist, which means he wants his business to be successful, but not at the expense of customers, suppliers, employees, or the environment. The ultimate goal of a company that makes affordable ethical clothing is to strike a balance between making money and making the world a better place, according to Mulski’s way of thinking.

Making apparel from all-natural materials is one way to advance the affordable ethical clothing model. Relax Into The Chaos’ Signature Series T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, while its Elite Series shirts use a mix of 70% organic viscose bamboo and 30% organic cotton. The T-shirts are well made and extremely comfortable.


The designs on the front of the organic cotton T-shirts are infused into the fabric with water-based inks. The technique eliminates any use of plastic-based components during the printing phase. Relax Into The Chaos hats are made from the same organic cotton as the T-shirts. The hat is also embroidered with organic cotton thread.

Relax Into The Chaos short sleeve T-shirts are priced between $25 and $28, while long sleeve shirts will cost customers between $28 and $30. Hats are priced at $22.99.

Environmental acknowledgement carries over into the shipping end of Relax Into The Chaos’s business operation. All boxes, shipping materials, cards and stickers are made entirely from recycled materials, and all bags are biodegradable.

When customers purchase Relax Into The Chaos merchandise, they will also indirectly help a handful of charities. Mulski has committed to give 5% of all retail sales to charities and nonprofits that cover a range of humanitarian, environmental, and health and animal-related causes.

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Relax Into The Chaos T-Shirts are Eco-Friendly
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