Why Relax Into The Chaos?

We’re all fellow travelers who, for whatever reason, are spinning around here on earth. We all generally face the same conundrums and challenges. I believe we all want to be happy. Speaking for myself, It seemed that everywhere I looked there was chaos and the world was in utter chaos. The question then became, “How can one be happy with all this chaos?” My initial plan was to control that chaos, out think it, eat right, exercise appropriately…do this, and I’d be able to beat it.

Thirty plus years later, I’m a thick headed individual, I finally realized my plan wasn’t effective. No matter how much I thought, planned and a host of other things I tried, I always found myself smack dab in the middle of chaos. It was apparent to me that I would never be able to get away from chaos. I was existing in a figurative sea of chaos. Chaos was omnipresent. I needed another approach to it…that’s when I began to relax into the chaos. Accepting that chaos was ever present and relaxing into it opened up a whole new world. I no longer asked why is this not going as planned, but realized very little, if anything, ever goes as planned. It’s amazing to me how I was able to navigate chaos much more creatively and effectively from that moment forward. I thought, what the heck, trademark the expression and make some T-shirts. See if people don’t find a little more happiness among their chaotic lives…

What have you got to lose?…RELAX INTO THE CHAOS®



We believe we as humans and all that that the earth encompasses are all related in some fashion. We’re about respect.

  • Respect for people, whether it be the customers, the supplier, our co-worker or any other persons we run into throughout our day. We believe in providing a high quality product at a fair price.
  • Respect for the environment, all our products are eco-friendly. Our Signature Series of t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. Our Elite Series of t-shirts are made from 30% organic cotton and 70% organic viscose bamboo. We use water based dyes in our printing process. Our bags are biodegradable, our cards and stickers are made from 100% recycled material.
  • Respect for all other life and the variety of things that support life here on earth. We believe in giving and sharing. Starting from day one we are donating 5% of all retail sales to charities. These charities cover a range of areas: humanitarian, health related, animal related and environmental causes.